Finding X is an animated short created by Toby Hendy and Cedric Scheerlinck.

The video is hosted on the Tibees YouTube channel and was made possible by YouTube and Screen Australia's Skip Ahead initiative.
Created & Produced by Toby Hendy & Cedric Scheerlinck.
Animated & Directed by Benjamin Zaugg.
Music = Cassie To
Sound = Daniel Goh
Script & Narration = Toby Hendy
Felt art = Toby Hendy & Cedric Scheerlinck
Story consultant = Petr Lebedev
Poem consultant = Dan Simpson
Special Thanks = Louise Cocks, Lee Naimo, Alyce Adams, Adele Vuko, Christiaan Van Vuuren, David Peterson, Skip Ahead 6 cohort, Tibees’ Patreon supporters.